Saturday, 20 July 2013

Uriah Heep - Conquest

Uriah Heep's 1980 album "Conquest"
As a follow up to my post last week on vinyl I thought I'd share with you the latest addition to my collection.
I had a mooch round a market this morning and found this little gem. Although it cost me a fiver, which is still cheap, it's in mint condition and a 1st press to boot.
The 1980's era of Heep is kind of lost on me and this is a very much changed line-up to ones I'd been used to in the 70's. John Sloman was on lead vocals, Lee Kerslake had left to be replaced by Chris Slade on drums. Trevor Boulder was on bass along with regulars Ken Hensley keyboards, synth, guitars and vocals and the ever the present Mick Box on guitars and vocals.
On first listen, the album is very different to the heavier more progressive influences of the early 70's I'd grown up with. The musicianship is superb but it feels like the band are trying hard to be more commercial with a pop/rock type of sound and arrangements. The songs are quite short and punchy with some nice ballads. I think it will grow on me with a few more listens and I certainly don't think it's a bad album just different to what I expected.
The album got a couple of good reviews back in the day and charted in the Top 40 in the UK, unlike the 3 previous albums with John Lawton on lead vocals. Heep have never really been massive here since those early 70's classics but continue to be one of the hardest working bands around, touring all over the world. Check them out at but more importantly, if you get the chance, go and see them live, because they are superb and still rock!

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