Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Judgement Day

Just thought I'd try out a widget from Soundcloud. A great tool for sharing music. Any musicians not on Soundcloud I'd highly recommend it and great for music fans too. Anyway heres the link to the track Judgement Day which is the second track from my album. Here's hoping you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Some Info on the "Still Life" tracks

Chris Picton – Still Life
Still Life is Chris Picton’s First Solo Album available Now for digital download at
My debut solo album is a collection of mainly instrumental pieces, but with a continuation of the song-writing I originally showed in the band Quecia.
The album in fact contains 2 of the strongest songs I think I've written. “Face to Face” beautifully sung by Hayley McCarrick and “Still Life” transformed by her wonderfully talented sister Kirsty. Both vocals and guitar (Paul Ayre) were recorded before the band decided to call it a day. I've added new parts and remixed the song.
“I didn’t want to see these 2 ideas sat on my PC’s hard drive knowing that they could be redone and released,  hopefully to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to listen.
The other 6 instrumental tracks are an eclectic bunch under the banner of Progressive Rock. All instruments are played by me. I am predominately a Bassist but have always recorded Keyboards and Guitar in the studio scenario. The drum tracks can even be classed as “Live” thanks to the wonders of modern technology.
The 1st track “Run On This Land” is heavily influenced by the classic Pink Floyd era driven by the moody piano riff but in the main by the soaring lead guitar melody line in the second half.
Track 2 “Judgement Day” After a quiet keyboard intro it starts to build in a darker vein. This is a much heavier track, smouldering with tension, where Good fights Evil. Powerful synths and strings ramp up the conclusion to the heavy solo guitar outro.
“Frozen In Time” is again guitar driven, with lots of Echo and Sound FX. A war theme about a moment in time, as a young soldier's life slips away in his girlfriends arms.
“Solar Motion” takes us through various changes of rise and fall as keyboards and guitar take turns in driving forward the melody. A definite nod towards Prog Rock’s instrumental past.
 “Free Fall” takes us on a guitar led journey, keyboards moving and adding in each section with sampled choirs and sweeping synthesizers continuing the momentum until the end.
Finally “Sunny Side” is a much lighter piece, with a jazz guitar influence, leading into a more Proggy style mix of duel lead guitar and mellotron style synthesiser.
“Still Life” is available as a “Pay What You Want” release, so it’s Free if you can’t afford but has a suggested price of just £5 for those wanting to contribute and help me make some more music!
“I got some sound advice from an author friend of mine once – Matt Hilton. He told me to finish what I’ve started and finally I did! I hope you enjoy the music and share it with your friends or enemies! I don’t mind” – Best Wishes...
Contact me at:
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Friday, 3 August 2012

Video to "Run On This Land"

Just a short post this time. Here a link to a video I posted on YouTube to the 1st track from my new album. Hope you like the visuals to the music... Just click on the Album cover

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New Album "Still Life"

It's been a while but finally some new music from yours truly and hopefully now the start of some regular posts here. Its a collection of 8 tracks with a couple of songs included. Follow the link to my Bandcamp Site and have a listen as many times as you like and hopefully you might like to download the music.

About This Album 
When my son moved to Australia for a year in January I thought it was  the right time to finish off a few of the musical ideas and demo's I had. I set up a studio in his room and got to work. It's taken longer than I expected but has been rewarding and as most musicians will tell you, it's difficult trying to find the time to write and record and fit in the day job along with family life, but here we are and here it is.
The tracks are mainly instrumental (as you really don't want to hear me sing), some old and some new. One (Run On This Land) even going back 15 years or so, as I found the demo hidden away on my PC.

The two songs "Face To Face" and "Still Life" I wanted to get out there were written from my days with the band Quecia, not sure if we'll ever make any music together again but I felt it was such a shame to leave them sitting on my PC's hard drive. Hopefully Paul, Kirsty and Hayley will like what I've done and we'll finish some more of the many songs we still have, at some point in the not too distant future... 

The rest of the album is a fairly eclectic collection of the styles of music I like to hear. I have no idea what genre or label you'd put on this, I'll leave that to others. I'd like to think it's a little bit Prog, but who knows! 
The album is only available here in digital format at the moment, but with Bandcamp's options you can download the better quality files not just mp3's so you can hear them as they were intended and burn them to a CD. I have no plans for a physical CD at the moment but you never know what's round the corner. 
I hope you enjoy the music and please let me know what you think by email or any of the social networks. 

By the way Please pay what you want for the album (suggested price is £5 but it's up to you) pay more if you like or get it for free and share it with your friends or enemies! The more people that hear it the better.  

Cheers for now - Chris 

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