Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Strange Feet

My Feet
I was sitting listening to some music the other night and the iPad was resting on the table. Unbeknown to me the camera was switched on with the camera lense hanging over the edge of the table. As I looked down into the screen I saw an unusual view of my feet and my hand, which just happened to be in the frame. It made my feet look strangely small with a big hand in view.
I started playing about with different positions moving my feet around and came up with this shot which I thought was quite original, maybe it's not but it's something I'd not seen before.
Now I'm sure you're asking by now, what has this got to do with music? Well, when I'm recording or creating music I do like to experiment with changing the melody and harmonies. At times I'll be playing along to a track not thinking much about what I'm doing and hit a note that I'd never thought of playing. My reaction then is "ooh what's that?". This then takes me in a completely different direction. Composition by accident or improvisation even, but it is amazing how many times this happens. Other times I'll have discarded a sound, revisit it and now think "Ah yes that works now."
It's important to be original, don't just stick to tried and trusted formula in music or your art. Try something different and follow a new direction for you if you can. Don't worry about genre, or writing the next big hit for example, just try to create your best work. Not everybody likes the same and people will find you and love what you do if you do it well and stick to what you believe in...

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