Friday, 18 April 2014

Feels like a Saturday...And Bass Blogs!

Good morning, well it is where I am, even though Good Friday always feels like a Saturday. Beautiful sunshine if a little fresh in the breeze, but still it is only 9-30am. I woke early today 6am and I decided to go for a run believe it or not. That's my second in a week as I plan to do a 10k run for charity in September. Early days yet but I reckon if I can keep motivated I should be in reasonable condition to complete it by then. Who am I kidding?

As I was jogging round, looking across the fields, trying in vain to take my mind of the pain. I got to thinking about blogging believe it or not. I've posted a few over this last couple of days and it's nice not to be stuck in Twitter mode with just 140 characters to play with. Also last night I had a bit of fun with 2 of my twitter bass playing pals Alun Vaughan and Trip Walmsley and we decided we'd return to the "Blogosphere" as Alun puts it. Trip also saying he'll "try to bang one out tonight". A lovely way with words these two. Well we are all bass players so don't expect too much. Although we do like to think we are a cut above other musicians, particularly drummers.

Anyway hopefully this is the start of a little Triad of Bassiness and hopefully occasionally we might entertain, inform and definitely have some fun. The Three Bloggerteers or Muskebloggers you might say! Of course other bass playing pals are welcome to join us, or anyone else for that matter.

One for All and All for One!

Until the next time...

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