Monday, 30 August 2010

Turkey Holiday

I just got back from a holiday in Turkey with my wife and youngest son Lucas. My first time in Turkey and I took quite a lot of holiday pics, as you do, but I particularly liked this one. We went on a boat trip and I climbed to the top of a rock in the middle of the sea where we had docked and looked over the top and saw this view. Not the typical view I'm used to coming from Wigan.
While there I tried to take in a bit of the culture, as the Turks are a pretty friendly lot. I particularly liked the bartering system when you want to buy something. My general rule of thumb was to ask the price, offer half and see if we could meet in the middle somewhere. No idea if it worked but good fun. We went to a tented market in the town of Hisaronu, where we stayed and as you entered at one end, the way the tenting was constructed meant you couldn't get out until you had passed every stall. The system is employed by Ikea, but better things to look at in Turkey!
The funniest thing about the market was hearing the Turkish vendors imitating the Brits, coming out with northern phrases such as "Cheap as Chips " and "Haaw Mooch?" (that's How Much? in proper English).
I also got to listen to a bit of Turkish music thanks to the bar lads at the hotel. I think the scales and patterns they use in the music are alien to our pop culture and I found some of it mesmerizing with the rhythms and melodies taking you in some unusual directions. It made me want to absorb some more, I did try and look for a music store but couldn't find anything. I think I will take a listen to some more traditional Turkish music in the hope it will inspire me in some of my song writing. Its also made me want to investigate some more World Music and that can only be a good thing. I think...

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