Thursday, 6 May 2010

Home Studio pic

Fw: My home studio corner on Twitpic A picture of my little home studio in the corner under the stairs. At least I'm not locked away in the attic. Its actually all I need and quite compact. The 3 guitars I use are a 6 string Ibanez btb Bass, a Fender stratocaster, and an Ozark electro acoustic. The piano is a Roland weighted keyboard midi'd to Reason in the PC and midi'd to a Korg TR-Rack. My audio interface is a Line 6 toneport into the PC via usb. The Digital Audio Workstation I use is Cubase SX3 which also runs Reason 4.0 software via Rewire. I have used other DAW's but I like Cubase and know it back to front and it does what it I ask it to so don't need to change. I have tons of plug-ins including a large Waves pack. I use Ezdrummer and Superior Drummer for programming drums and that's about it.
I'm happy with the set up and thought I'd share it with you.

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