Monday, 11 January 2010

A great recording website and RSS Feeds

A while back I posted a blog about Recording and intended to follow it up with Mixing and Mastering posts but since then I found a great site which covers the whole process in far greater detail than I would ever have time for, so I thought I'd pass on the info here. The site has some fab articles, videos, tips and tricks for people with a home or project studio.

With advances in technology these days its now possible to get amazing results from the comfort of your own home.
Joe Gilder is an independent musician in his own right and is the author of Home Studio Corner and it really is a brilliant site, whether you are a pro musician or a complete novice you really should check it out. Its full of knowledge, completely free and you can sign up and download his ebook "Home Studio Production: A Roadmap to Finishing Your Album" which I found very useful. (By the way I don't know Joe and he's not paying me for this... lol)

Finally, a quick tip: You can follow many, many websites very easily, such as Home Studio Corner, if you subscribe to whats called an RSS Feed. You will see the logo at the top of the page on loads of websites and blogs and what it enables you to do is follow those sites without having to visit them individually. You download what's called a "Reader" and you can see all the updates of the sites/blogs and follow them inside the reader itself. The one I prefer is "Google Reader" and it really makes life much easier and simpler. Once downloaded you can search for the topics you are interested in and follow those websites very quickly. TTFN. Happy reading.

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