Thursday, 2 April 2009

Panic Room Update

Here's a copy of the latest Panic Room update I just received...

So what does 2009 hold for Panic Room? Firstly, we have an album to record! We've been playing quite a few new songs live and have several more in the pipleline, so we'll be spending the next few months finishing off writing, and then recording, our second album for release later this year. More news, and maybe an exciting offer or two, coming soon!

The downside of this is that we probably won't be playing live too much until the album is done but are planning to hit the road in September and hope to get to as many places as we can. If anyone has any suggestions for venues that might be suitable, please get in touch.

In other news...we are featured in the new Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine which includes a live review as well as features on women in prog music ( including pics of Anne-Marie) and a review of the Icon gig in London ( also featuring Anne-Marie). If that's not enough, the magazine also includes a covermounted CD which opens with an exclusive edit of Elektra City from Visionary Position.

Also, did you know that as well as the official website ( - but you knew that, right?) and here(obviously!) , we also have pages on
Myspace - and Reverbnation ,, so please pop in and say hi if you use these sites ( Anne-Marie and Alun also have music pages on all these sites).

There's also the forum over at and both Anne-Marie (LilRedRockChick) and Alun (alunvaughan - not as creative!) can be found on Twitter, allowing you an insight into our adventures ( amongst other things).
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